Welcome to the knowledge resources of Botanyseed. I am Anna Marisa, the girl behind the creation of this Botanyseed. I work as a Clinical Herbalist in Munich, Germany. I was born and brought up in Malaysia, the country of diversity of many races, cultures and food. After my marriage, I moved to Germany and live here since a decade now. Since I was a young girl, I had a big dream for studying Biology & Medicine. But due to many hardship I faced in life, I couldn't bring this dream further into a career.


But I have always kept my dream in my heart, hoping that one day it would come true. But I never thought, I would become an Herbalist as I was more interested in Bio Medicine than Herbal Medicine. My interest in Herbal Medicine sparked after I encounter a chronic fatty liver disease that almost ended my life. There is a saying that "some bad experiences is to earn the best out of your life" and that's what had happened to me.


Being very sick, I have visited many doctors but they couldn't really find out the major cause of all the symptoms I had. As the symptoms were getting bad, I started to become very weak and depressed. I started to seek God for an answer and came across the path of cleansing the inner body. It all started with the amazing Liver Flush.


Liver flush is a method to cleanse our liver from toxic congestion which I have learnt and proceeded in order to save myself from the chronic condition. This procedure was a turning point in my life. To my shocking, I expelled around 400 gall & liver stones plus other nasty stuffs during the liver flush. That was truly a life changing experience for me.


I started to feel so alive right after the flush. Since the disease has begun to get worse, I was always feeling very sick and tired. It was not just any tiredness, but chronic tiredness, which continuously was there for 24/7. Even sleeping for full 8 hours wouldn't make me feel any better. Can you imagine a life of feeling tired non stop? 


That was horrible! After the liver flush, my tiredness vanished, the back pain I had, has reduced significantly, my Sclera (the white part of the eye) has started to get clear from yellow brownish taint, my allergies started to disappear, the migraine headache, which attacked every week have been reduced, the stomach bloating has reduced and my skin started to get better from hyper- pigmentation. All this happened just with one liver flush. It showed how much toxicity has clogged my liver and my poor body was suffocating for a relief.


Since my liver has failed to function properly, the backlogged toxic over the years, had also impacted my kidneys and gut. As a result, I had a chronic back pain and leaky gut syndrome. Additional to this, due to improper digestion, I became malnourished and eventually my immune system and hormonal system became dysfunctional. I realized the need to cleanse and rebuild all these worn out organs.


This is where the herbal plants came to play a very important role in my life. As doctors were not interested in treating the root causes of the diseases, they only gave me pills to cover up the symptoms. Refusing to take those pills, I decided to heal myself naturally by using herbs. I spend countless hours studying on natural medicine.


I took herbal medicine and wholesome food for healing & rebuilding my worn out organs and systems. I brought changes into my lifestyle. I began to see even more improvement. Finally, I was healed from chronic back pain, leaky gut syndrome, severe PMS, menstrual issues, chronic migraine, knee pain, skin rashes, allergies, chronic skin pigmentation, chronic fatigue and many more other conditions. It is through this life changing journey I came across the path of Herbalism. Later I took a study in Herbal Medicine. It is after more than a decade, I have landed into a spot that I finally feel to be in the right place. 


My dream has come true by taking an unexpected turn in my life. Herbalism has open up my mind to many knowledge that I never knew before. I began to understand the human body better. How a chronic disease evolve, how to read the signs of manifestation of internal imbalances and the connection of botanical plants to human being. Such knowledge is truly precious to me.


As Herbalist, I work with various people with various health issues. I take a holistic approach to illness, treating the underlying root causes of diseases rather than just the symptoms. Most of my clients meeting start with a consultation. A detailed assessment from the past and current health history is taken along with dietary and lifestyle practices and other factors such as mental wellbeing which also plays an important role in human health. I custom create an herbal medicine that fit their body constitution (type), health condition and design a diet plan that can support their healing process. 

Most of my botanical medicine come directly from the wild forest, shrub & meadows. These plants are superior to organic cultivation because they grow without human intervention, with their own strength and by the rule of nature. Such plants are considered more potent than cultivated type. I create various herbal preparations such as tincture, extraction & fermentation from these plants. This require me to travel a lot and search for herbs that grow naturally in an undisturbed areas. It not only make me happy to be in the nature but also guarantee the quality I expect to create an effective herbal medicine as I know where my herbs come from.


Besides working with herbs, I also spend most of my time in reading, researching and writing. The field I am in is so vast like an ocean. No any man can say I have learnt everything. In my spare time I write blog posts on health topic which you can find here. I also create and develop recipes that contribute to a good health & wellness. 

Besides all this, I am also grateful to be able to express my creativity at this job. Since a young girl, I have always had the eye and skills for art and design.  As a self taught person, I create beautiful imagery for story telling and content creation. Some knowledge such as photo editing, I have gained in my previous education in Multimedia while others like scene setting, lighting and camera angle are self taught skills. With this I could create high quality visual elements for my blogging and other social media contents.