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Hi, I am Anna Marisa,

I´m a Clinical Herbalist and the developer of Tooth Repair.  I was born and brought up in Malaysia, the country of diversity of many races, cultures and food. In 2011, I moved to Germany and living here since then. Before my call into herbal field, I was working in a French software corporation called Dassault Systèmes in Munich which develops software for digitizing the processes from designing, engineering, testing & manufacturing.

I started my career as a trainee there and later landed on a position of Technical Specialist that focused on automotive material visualization. I was responsible for creating photorealistic images for car interiors and exteriors using a special light & material simulation software. Later I also became the trainer to teach this software to external automotive clients and newly hired company's employees.

My journey into Herbal Medicine started when I fell very ill in 2015 with a chronic fatty liver disease that almost ended my life. There is a saying that "some bad experiences is to earn the best out of your life" and that's what had happened to me. Being very sick, I have visited many doctors but they couldn't really find out the major cause of all the terrible symptoms I had. As the symptoms were worsening, I started to become very weak and depressed.


I sought God in my desperate situation and he led me to a knowledge that changed my health since then. It all started with the amazing Liver Flush which unblocked my liver from about 400 gallstones.

Before liver flush single image.jpg


Liver flush is an effective method to cleanse the liver from toxic congestion. Being led to this knowledge, I thought I will give it a try. This method uses only natural ingredients and yet was so effective. This procedure became the turning point of my life. To my shocking, I expelled around 400 gall & liver stones plus other nasty stuff during the cleanse. That was truly a life changing experience for me.


I started to feel so alive right after the flush. Since the disease has begun to get worse, I was always feeling very sick and extremely tired. It was not just any tiredness, but a chronic tiredness, which continuously was there for 24/7. No amount of sleep will take away that tiredness. I felt like dying very slowly by losing the strength.


That was horrible! Life was not normal anymore to me at that time. Right after the liver flush, the chronic tiredness vanished already the next day, the back pain has reduced, my aching joints became less aching, my eyes became brighter instead of looking cloudy brown, the severe allergies started to disappear, the weekly migraine attack had disappeared, the constant stomach bloating has reduced, eye pain disappeared & many more changes have happened. More about my story in the Liver Flush blog post. All these changes happened just with one liver flush. It showed how much my liver was clogged with toxic materials and my body was sending so many signals in the name of symptoms which I didn't understood at that time.



The backlogged toxic in my liver over the years, had also impacted my kidneys and gut. As a result, I had a long standing back pain, adrenal exhaustion (unable to deal with even smaller amount of stress) and severe digestive issues. Not able to take in nutrients from food, I became malnourished and eventually my immune and hormonal system became very dysfunctional to the point where I suffered chronic cough for almost half a year and severe PMS which will last for two weeks every month. I realized the need to further fixing my body. I also did kidney and colon cleansing and afterward took herbs for strengthening these organs.


Toxicity in human body will cause weakening of organs and weak organs will be unable to fight off diseases that caused by bacteria, virus and yeast. This is where the herbs came to play a very important role in my life. As doctors were not interested in treating the root causes of the diseases, they only gave me pills to cover up the symptoms. Refusing to take those pills, I decided to heal myself naturally and from the main root causes.

I spend countless hours studying on natural medicine. I took specific herbs and certain food that provided the necessary components for cleansing, healing & rebuilding my worn out organs and systems. I began to see even more improvement. More strength I gained slowly but steadily and the recovery was coming one after another. 


It is through this life changing journey I decided to switch my career and studied Herbal Medicine. I am very thankful to God for this opportunity and for creating those healing plants to save human life. This is my story and I hope if you are reading this and going through some health issues, don't give up. There is still hope!

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