100 % Natural herbal toothpaste created by Clinical Herbalist for rebuilding teeth enamel. This toothpaste contain plant base BIO Minerals, Earth Minerals and Activated Carbon that work synergistically for detoxifying your mouth while repairing teeth and gum.


BIO minerals | ZERO waste | Vegan | No Animal Testing | Handmade 


  • Ingredients

    Bentonite Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Coconut Charcoal, Aqua, Alcohol, Glycerine, Oak Bark Extract~, Horsetail Extract~, Spruce Bark Extract~, Avocado Seed Extract*, Juniper Berry Extract, Soap Berry Extract°, Peppermint Essential Oil & Clove Essential Oil


    ~ Wild Collected
    * Sustainably Cultivated
    ° Organic

  • Recommended Use

    Scoop out an hazelnut size of this paste and brush your teeth daily. Keep this paste at lease for 5 minutes in your mouth for allowing the absorption of the minerals into your teeth enamel. If you have gum issues, then gently massage this paste unto your gums and let it sit there for about 5 minutes before rinsing.


Teeth Enamel Growth

I had multiple cavities, potholes, sensitive teeth,

loose gum & receding gum

Several years ago, I was living with chronic fatty liver disease and kidney disease. This has caused many health issues in my body and one of them was the oral issues. My teeth enamel has started to erode, break and fall apart, creating visible potholes and multiple cavities also had  started to form. This has created a a lots of problem and fear in my heart.


I often found it hard even to smile big especially in winter, the cold wind would strike the nerves of my teeth causing so much sensitivities. I could no longer eat or drink anything hot and cold, as well could no longer bite any hard food. I also suffered from gingivitis, which slowly developed into periodontal disease. My gums started to recede and became shaky, loose and thin.

Some bad experiences is to earn the

best out of your life

When many of my teeth started to have cavities I went to a dentist. The experience I had with him is something that I cannot forget. He took a look at my teeth and denied that I have any cavities at all. Instead he was compelling me to remove the wisdom tooth which was growing beneath the gum. I didn't had any problem with this tooth and yet he was keep saying that I should remove it.


I tried in many attempt to explain that I saw the cavities through a mirror, but all he said was that it's just a stain. Feeling angry and disappointed, I came out of his office and went to another dentist on the same day. The woman at the counter told me that I need to wait till the rest of the clients are done, as I came without an appointment. Later this dentist took a look into my teeth and found 4 cavities instead of 5.


God knows why he didn't see another one. Anyway, I was happy that he agreed to the truth that I did have some cavities. So he patched all the 4 cavities and sent me home. But the potholes were still there and becoming more sensitive. This time, instead of going to a dentist again, I was thinking about remineralizing my teeth naturally. By now, I no longer want to see any dentist and have another bad experience.


At first, I asked myself if this is possible at all to remineralize the teeth naturally. But after doing much research, I started to have some confidence that this could work. The hardest part was to find the right ingredients that will actually do the job.

The hard work & patience has paid off


I had done a lot of experiments and tested different ingredients as tooth powder. At some point I noticed that my teeth were looking different. I realized that new tooth enamel had grown back where there was a large hole. It was really a big surprise to me. And it is on this day that I realize that all my efforts have not been in vain and that it is actually possible to remineralize and regrow the tooth enamel naturally. The pictures above show my teeth before and after using my formula. With this transformation, I was motivated to share my story with others and developed Botanyseed Tooth & Gum