Clinical Herbalist Consultation

Are you tired of being sick? Don't know where to start because you are overwhelmed? You think you have done everything but still no effective result? Let me help you on this journey. I have gone through this path and I understand you.


Book a consultation with me. In this one to one consultation, I will access your health and will help you understand the root causes behind your health conditions. Treating the root causes of every disease is the most effective solution to regain your health.

A custom design botanical medicine can be made to fit your health condition and your body constitution. During this consultation, you will also be provided tips to an healthy diet plan to accelerate your healing process.  

Free Consultation - 15 Minutes

For all the first timers and to discuss general information about your health overview and which package you should be taking to fit your health condition.


Chronic Condition - 1 Hour

(e.g. Hormonal Imbalances, Liver Disorder, Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, etc.)

Initial Consultation - 35 €* (RM60)

Follow - up Consultation - Free

Acute Condition - 30 Minutes

(e.g. Flu, cold, fever, etc.)

Initial Consultation - 20 €* (RM35)

Follow - up Consultation - Free

Cost of Herbal Medicine

Each herbal formula will be custom made to fit your specific health condition and body constitution. 

The price range is usually between 10 € (RM45)  to 35  € (RM 120) per formulation. Each formula may contain 3-10 different types of herbal plants.

Special Consideration

It is my goal to make the consultation & the botanical medicine as accessible as possible to all people and therefore, a special consideration can be given to those who have financial issues. This can be discussed upon the free consultation.

Our Herbal Medicine

Most of our botanical plants are collected in the wild forest and meadows in Germany. They are of high quality and will not be added any fillers or chemicals. The rest are sourced from organic & sustainable cultivation from around the European continent. In Botanyseed, we do not match herbs to symptoms rather herbs to the person's body type (constitution) and condition. In this way, you can have an effective result.

*We belief to give fair prices based on the provided service & product as well as the customer. Prices may vary depending on the customers geographical location.

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