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  • Who should buy Tooth Repair?
    Those who looking for a toothpaste with a real remineralizing effect for their teeth, to strengthen the gum, support zero waste product, and desire to have a natural brightening effect (this happens with the help of white turmeric extract in the toothpaste) .
  • How to use Tooth Repair?
    Tooth Repair can be used as a normal toothpaste to brush your teeth daily. It is highly recommended to keep this paste in your mouth for about 10-15 minutes after brushing. It is like a oil pulling. This will give enough time for the minerals to be absorb into your teeth enamel. When you do this, you will see a faster result in teeth remineralization. This can easily be done under the shower, in rest room, while preparing breakfast and etc.
  • For which problems does Tooth Repair help?
    Tooth Repair is quite effective to rebuild teeth enamel, eliminate teeth sensitivity, stop the bleeding in the gum, tighten loose gum, heal minor cavities and to remove hard stains. Due to effective remineralizing effect many people testified to have seen great improvement in teeth sensitivity and in teeth brightness which resulted from the deposition of calcium on the teeth enamel.
  • Can children use Tooth Repair?
    Tooth Repair can be used by children as long as they can tolerate the mint and clove taste. Some children don't like this strong taste and therefore the parents have to consider this factor before buying for their kids.
  • How long should I use Tooth Repair to see a good result?
    Generally most of our clients could see the result within a few weeks or a month. Some stubborn cases may take longer than that. But generally we recommend to use Tooth Repair for about 3 months to see a better result. But if you don't keep the paste after brushing for at least 5 Minutes in your mouth, you probably won't see much improvement. To give enough time for the minerals to work in your mouth is crucial for a successful teeth remineralization.
  • Where do the herbs in Tooth Repair come from?
    Tooth Repair is made from herbs that come from GERMANY (Oak & Horsetail), CROATIA (Sage & Juniper berry), INDIA (White Turmeric, Fennel, Soap berry, Sesame, Mint & Clove) & MEXICO / SPAIN (Aloe Vera).
  • Can the alcohol in Tooth Repair be bad for me?
    Alcohol is used since ancient time as a way to naturally preserve body care products. The Alcohol we use is derived from the fermentation of starch & sugar. Food grade alcohol is nontoxic to our skin and mucosal tissues. It also enhances the delivery of phytochemicals in the herbs into the cell (gum tissues) effectively. Many synthetic preservatives can accumulate in the body & cause many health issues. We decided not to use any synthetic chemicals. The alcohol used in Tooth Repair is very minimal and would not dry out your mouth after brushing.
  • Can Tooth Repair regrow receding gum?
    Most cases of teeth sensitivity is due to receding gum. Tooth repair can regrow minor gum recession and I personally have seen a great improvement in this area. Tooth repair may not help entirely on severe gum recession but it can certainly reduces the sensitivity to a great extend. I am yet to invent an effective toothpaste to reverse severe gum recession.
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