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Image by christian buehner


He caused the grass to grow for the cattle and herbs for the service of man

(Psalm 104:14)

There is a reason why among thousands of plant varieties, God ever created medicinal herbs. As the book of Psalm says, it is for the service of man. God knew man would fall sick during his life time on this earth and therefore a medicine would be needed. 


Herbs, if used properly, can bring a wonderful balance and healing to our body. Our ancestors have relied upon herbs entirely to treat all manner of illnesses, from simple cough & colds to life threatening illnesses such as malaria and tuberculosis. Some herbs can be used in culinary while others as medicinal only.


Culinary herbs generally have palatable taste and can be consumed in generous amount while the highly potent types are used for medicinal purpose only. All herbs have energetic properties and will work at best when matched correctly with individual body constitution.


Herbs grown in a good environment and their freshness will all influence their efficacy on our body. Therefore, always use the good quality & the right herbs to see a good result.

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