Black colored food contain more powerful anti-oxidants than light colored food

I was to told to eat black sesame seeds since I was a young girl because it helps to strengthen the uterus and its good for girls in general. I always kept that in mind but just din't know how and what to make out of black sesame seeds. Sprinkling a little here and there in food is not much to consider for gaining its nutritional value.

After such a long time, I finally came up with a recipe using black sesame seeds. I made rich & black colored sesame seeds muffins. At first, I thought if this will be good to eat, I mean tasty. But after baking, boy I tell you, this became my favorite muffin recipes I ever made. It has such a nutty taste and absolutely goes well with dark chocolate.

Do you know that black sesame seeds contain high amount of iron, calcium, magnesium and B vitamins? This means it helps to build strong bones, teeth, joints, blood vessel and hair. The high content of calcium and magnesium strengthens the muscle and together with the help of B vitamins, it also helps to strengthens the nerves.

This means if you have a stressful life-style, you should be consuming more black sesame seeds to feed your nerves and keeping them healthy. B vitamins is very important for nerve health. And for those who have lower red blood cells and often having the symptoms of dizziness and pale looking, should be eating black sesame seeds to increase the iron level in the body.

Iron is crucial for carrying oxygen to all cells in the body. People who have lower iron content in the body, often will experience cold hands & feet and as well will often encounter headache. Low oxygen to brain cell will cause headache. So keep in mind that the next time you have these symptoms, try to include black sesame seeds in your diet.