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Sambucus nigra

I am excited to write about another flower that is full of medicinal value. Elder flowers are wonderful smelling blossoms that bloom from elder trees that grow in many subtropical areas in both Northen and Southern hemisphere. The creamy colored petals of elder flowers are very aromatic and therefore are used in many cosmetics, to flavor drinks & food and even to make perfumes.

These elder flower petals contain many medicinal values especially for inflammatory condition. There are several species of elder trees growing around the world and the most common species are the European Elder also called as Black Elder, American Elder, Blue Elder & Red Elder. Elder trees exist throughout the world including Asia, England, Germany, France, Norway and America.

Boost immunity and moves blood

The medicinal uses of elder flowers are known from the ancient time. Elder flowers, when taken as a hot infusion (tea), are excellent for the removal of cold and feverish conditions. Fever is a symptom common to infections caused by bacteria and viruses.

As the body's immune system fights the virus or bacteria, the lymph glands may swell. As an immune booster and diaphoretic (induce sweat) herb, elder flowers help the body to fight fever by strengthening the antibodies and enhancing blood movement to sweat and bring down the fever.

Traditionally, elder flowers were mixed with other herbs such as yarrow and mint for making an anti-fever tea.

Open up sinuses

Sinusitis is defined as inflammation of the lining of the sinus cavity. Elder flowers are a rich source of quercetin, a property that functions as anti-inflammation. For those who suffer with sinusitis, taking elder flowers as a tea or tincture will help to sooth the upper respiratory inflammation and remove the stagnated congestion and pressure in the sinus cavities.

Mouth wash and eye wash

Due to the anti-bacterial and astringent (tissue tightening) qualities, elder flower infusion (tea) can be used as mouth wash for sore throat, inflamed gum as well as eye wash to sooth conjunctivitis (pink eye), tired eyes, and twitching eyelids.

To make an eye wash or mouth rinse, place 1 tablespoon of dried or fresh elder flowers in a cup, pour in some hot water and infuse the flowers for about 20 minutes. Wait until the infusion has cool down and use the liquid to rinse your eyes and mouth 3 times a day or till you feel the relief.

Remove toxins and excessive fluid

Elder has diuretic qualities, which increases urine flow by increasing the blood flow into the kidneys. The elder flowers enhances the kidney function to remove excessive fluid of water retention in the body and excretes toxins through the urinary system.


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