Removing trapped emotions in the body is crucial for complete healing

We are emotional creatures

This post is going to be a topic that is often less discussed and less understood. It is about human emotions and their pathways to various disease in our bodies. Scientific studies confirm what the ancient medical literature spoke long ago about the impact of emotions on our nervous system and that our internal intelligence could distinguish between positive and negative emotions that are produced by our minds.

You are not alone on this struggle

None of us can escape from falling into bad or negative emotions in our lives. But growing to be mature and wise as we age is what human life is about. Suppose when you read this article and knew that you struggle with lots of bad emotions, don't feel guilty. Just know you are not alone on this but every one of us goes through this in our lives.

Emotional energy travels through the nerves in the brain & spinal cord

Emotions are like energy that travel through specific pathways which the TCM call as Meridians. This pathways are mapped throughout our body for channeling or supplying energy. This pathways are supported by our nervous system which starts at the brain and spinal cord and branches out to all parts of the body. The health of your brain which is the mind in this case is going to impact all your nervous system.

In simple words: When your nerves are not healthy, you won't feel healthy either.