Taraxacum officinale

This is not a weed

Dandelion is an ancient and most well-known herb in history. Dandelion, which is also called as Lion's tooth, gain the name by the resemblance of the leaves to the canine tooth of lion.

Many people consider dandelion as weed, but this plant is a well-known herb since centuries and it is full of medicinal value. All parts of dandelion are edible, from the flower down to the root.

In Western folk medicine, the leaves have been used in salad, the flowers to make wine & beer and the roots to make medicine.

For detoxification

Dandelion have a taproot, which is a thick long root growing deep into the soil, absorbing the precious minerals from the earth. The root of this herb is the key part of the detoxification properties. Dandelion root is an excellent liver tonic and blood purifier.

Dandelion root stimulates the liver and gallbladder to clear waste products from the body. Dandelion, which is naturally having a slight bitter taste, activates the receptors in the tongue and throughout the digestive tract. This activation stimulates the production of important digestive juices like bile acid, stomach acid & digestive enzymes. Bile plays a crucial role in keeping the liver healthy. An healthy liver can filter the blood from toxic waste properly.

Bile is a very essential digestive liquid needed not only for digesting fat, but also to break fat soluble toxins and steroid hormones such as estrogen & progesterone. If the liver is overloaded with toxic material, it will begin to accumulate the bile which eventually will turn into a thick and gluey material. This substance can be hardened into a stone called as gall or liver stone.

The formation of these bile stones can further congest the liver and create many ill condition. A stagnated liver may not be able to metabolize "old hormones" or "used up hormones" and this will cause excess hormones to circulate in the bloodstream and lead to hormonal imbalances, which can impact for example the estrogen and the thyroid function.

A congested liver will also cause other serious complication such as like fatty liver disease and kidney disease. Dandelion is a great herb to promote liver health by enhancing the formation & secretion of bile as well for removing excess water stagnation in the body resulting from liver congestion.

Improves bowel movement

As dandelion acts upon liver, this will also improve the digestive system. It is because our digestion is pretty much depending on the condition of the liver. A healthy liver is able to produ