Roses are a gift of love from the maker of this earth

Roses as medicine

Roses are not just flowers to put in a vase for decoration or to be given as gift for someone on an occasion but it goes beyond that. Many of us don’t know that these beautiful flowers can be used as medicine too.

If you could hold a fresh rose that has not been sprayed and chemically treated in your hands and sniff into it, you could probably connect to what I am saying here.

People in the good old days, have used roses as medicine for many health condition. Roses are officially recorded as medicine in the ancient medical literature. But as time goes by, human generations have forgotten such knowledge.

Roses were prescribed as medicine in Iran

Roses were famously used in Iranian traditional medicine and officially prescribed as sore throat remedy because they contain anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Our modern day studies have confirmed the anti-bacterial effect of rose essential oil against certain strains of bacteria.

Who would have thought that such beautiful and gentle petals of roses would contain such powerful medicinal properties?

Besides for sore throat, roses were also used as a tea for strengthening the heart. Rose water on the other hand have been used for eye infection and as a mouth wash.

The Iranians love eating roses by cooking the petals with sugar or honey, as a cooling medicine for body and mind. No wonder the best roses are still coming from Iran. They have valued roses since thousands of years ago and are still continue doing so.

Rose smell changes our mood condition