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Roses are a gift of love from the maker of this earth

Roses as medicine

Roses are not just flowers to put in a vase for decoration or to be given as gift for someone on an occasion but it goes beyond that. Many of us don’t know that these beautiful flowers can be used as medicine too.

If you could hold a fresh rose that has not been sprayed and chemically treated in your hands and sniff into it, you could probably connect to what I am saying here.

People in the good old days, have used roses as medicine for many health condition. Roses are officially recorded as medicine in the ancient medical literature. But as time goes by, human generations have forgotten such knowledge.

Roses were prescribed as medicine in Iran

Roses were famously used in Iranian traditional medicine and officially prescribed as sore throat remedy because they contain anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Our modern day studies have confirmed the anti-bacterial effect of rose essential oil against certain strains of bacteria.

Who would have thought that such beautiful and gentle petals of roses would contain such powerful medicinal properties?

Besides for sore throat, roses were also used as a tea for strengthening the heart. Rose water on the other hand have been used for eye infection and as a mouth wash.

The Iranians love eating roses by cooking the petals with sugar or honey, as a cooling medicine for body and mind. No wonder the best roses are still coming from Iran. They have valued roses since thousands of years ago and are still continue doing so.

Rose smell changes our mood condition

Research shows, smell can impact our emotion, stress, concentration, pain, memory and even sleep. Sniffing good smells such as roses are beneficial to our health.

I am sure almost every person loves the smell of roses because it gives the ‘feel good’ effect. The human nose has a million smell receptors and once the smell enters the nose and touches the receptors, it shoots the signals to our brain.

With these, the brain releases certain chemicals in our body that cause many changes in our mood, stress level, sleep, energy level and for some people it even helps to loose weight.

This can be linked to people who gain weight due to stress. Since roses help to lower the stress level, it also helps people to loose weight subsequently.

Roses for headache

Headache that is caused by tension and stress, responds well towards fragrances like roses, peppermint and lavender. Research shows that exposing oneself to natural flower fragrances while having an headache works better than acetaminophen (the headache medicine).

Isn’t this good news? It's really wonderful to know that our plants are always giving us an helping hand whenever we are in need.

Roses for heart and soul

The aroma of roses can interfere between the physical matter and the non physical matter because the odor is our communication system. The nose is the door way to our brain and our spirit. The sense of smell plays a huge role in our life.

Certain smell can give us a feel good effect while others can cause headache and sometimes can make us puke. Smell is an unseen thing yet it influences our brain and subsequently our emotion too. One example I want to share from my personal experience is that, one day while I was having an headache, I was cuddling my rabbit and at some point I just kept her close to my face, sniffing on her for a while.

In few minutes I realized the headache has left me and I started to feel better. This is a good example I can give you to show how the smell can impact our health. As for roses, they contain more than 3000 bio compounds that can interact with our sense of smell and trigger the brain for a positive feeling.

The scent of roses is also very beneficial for balancing our hormones. Very often our mood is connected with hormonal imbalances in our body. Since roses have the power to balance these hormones, it can help people with depression and anxiety.

How to use roses

Roses can be used to make a rose tea, rose milk and also using the real rose essential oil in the air diffuser or aromatherapy diffuser. Always make sure you buy a good quality of roses.

You can use both fresh or dried roses. Also be sure not to use rose petals that have been sprayed with chemicals and pesticides.

Using rose essential oil in skin care or face care products are another good example to inhale the benefiting aroma for your health.

You can buy a good quality of rose essential oil and add them to your skin care products. If you make rose tea or rose milk, make sure you take the time to enjoy the drink and the smell, allowing your body and mind to quiet down and experience the healing power of these wonderful flowers God has give us.


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