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Garlic Oxymel

Simple yet powerful home remedy

Garlic Oxymel

Garlic oxymel is an ancient immune boosting tonic known since the time of Hippocrates. The word oxymel is derived from Greek word called oxymeli which means acid and honey.

To make garlic oxymel, you will need garlic, honey and vinegar. This herbal preparation becomes very handy during seasonal cold and flu. It is relatively easy to make and can be kept at lease for 6 months when stored properly.

This home remedy is also very useful for those who wanted to control the cholesterol level in the body without taking those dangerous drugs which can cause many serious side effects.

Garlic oxymel is also an excellent remedy to be made before winter so when the cold climate creeps in, this home remedy becomes a quick help to fight those seasonal infections. Learn more about the wonderful health benefit of garlic here

How to make Garlic Oxymel?

  • 200 g freshly chopped garlic

  • 200 g honey

  • 200 ml apple cider vinegar

Peel and chop fresh garlic and place them in a glass jar. Leave the garlic in the jar for about 10 minutes to expose them to the oxygen, as this will increase its medicinal value. Then pour in the honey and vinegar and mix it well with a spoon.

Place a parchment paper under the lid before closing the jar to prevent the vinegar corroding the metal lid. This oxymel if stored well in a cool and dark shelf, can stay fresh at lease for about 6 months. Take 1 tsp of this mixture everyday in empty stomach to see a good result.

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