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Enhance the digestive fire before your meal

Ginger and cinnamon are some of the versatile herbs to be used to create delicious food and drinks. The combination of ginger and cinnamon has a great value for your digestion. If you suffer with frequent stomach bloating, belching, acid reflux, feeling full and heavy after eating,

I recommend you take ginger-cinnamon drink. It is quite effective to overcome many digestive ailments. This drink is relatively easy to make and tastes so good when combined with raw sugar or honey. The ideal time to take this drink is 20 minutes before your meal.

For this will give enough time for your stomach to get prepared before the arrival of food. Ginger increases digestive fire, stimulates the saliva production and secretes digestive enzymes in the stomach. Read here more about ginger.



  • 1 1/2 inch ginger (peeled)

  • 3 inch in length cinnamon stick

  • 250 ml water

  • Raw brown sugar or honey (as per your desire)

Grate peeled ginger

Place the ginger, cinnamon and water in a pan, bring it to boil and reduce the heat to simmer for 10 minutes. Never boil herbs in intense heat, for this will decrease the nutritional properties.

Now sieve the decoction into a mug

Enjoy your ginger cinnamon drink while its still warm with your favorite sweetener and you can add additional slices of ginger if you prefer.

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