Hawthorn for Happy Heart

( Crataegus monogyna )

Hawthorn is an ancient herbal tree

Hawthorn is a common name give to an herbal tree that has been used since ancient times as medicine. This tree is one of the oldest medicinal tree found in Europe.

Hawthorn bears beautiful tiny white flowers in spring and little green berries in the summer which will turn out red when they are ripened. These berries taste sour and can be collected at the end of summer.

Records in western medicine shows, that the berries, flowers and leaves of hawthorn tree is used as a valuable medicine for many ailments.

Hawthorn for balancing blood pressure

Hawthorn is a smart herb and it works in a complex way which has yet to be found by our understanding. It can lower the blood pressure where it is too high and increases it where it is too low.

In case of high blood pressure, hawthorn work in relaxing and dilating the blood vessel so the pressure in the blood vessel can be reduced. In case of lower blood pressure, it strengthens the heart muscle so the heart can beat at optimal strength so there will be enough pressure in the blood vessel.

For those who have breathing issue during exercise, shortness of breath and frequent fatigue can take hawthorn to improve the heart function and the flow of the blood in the body.

Hawthorn for angina and artery clogging

Hawthorn is a wonderful cardio tonic. This herb has been used to treat angina and coronary artery diseases. These are the very common diseases found in our society today and the major causes of premature death.