Flushing your liver is the most powerful way to detox your body

What is liver flush ?

Liver flush is a natural procedure to purge out toxins, parasites, gall stones and liver stones from your liver. It is a very effective and painless method to cleanse your liver deeply. This procedure is done by preparing our body for 6 days and flushing the liver on the 7th day.

Natural ingredients such as olive oil, Epsom salt (also known as bitter salt), grapefruit juice & apple juice are used with a certain technique and method to perform the flush. The results are mind blowing and thousands of people have benefited from this procedure. Scroll down to see the liver flush instruction.

The Liver flush is an ancient technique used by many of our ancestors. The ancient Egyptians have used oil to flush out toxins from the liver. The ancient Ayurveda have also recommended the usage of oil to flush out toxins from the liver.

In the 20th century, the liver flush has been made famous by Dr. Andreas Moritz & Dr. Hulda Clark. A book was written extensively on this topic by Dr. Andreas Moritz, which can be very beneficial for those who want to understand everything in depth about the liver flush. This book can be purchased here:

The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush.

Does the liver flush really work ?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES. I can say this because I have done it a dozen of times on myself and have helped others to do it as well. The results were amazing. As for me, this was a lifesaving procedure.

I suffered from chronic fatty liver disease for many years and when I got to know about the liver flush, I thought of giving it a try and the results were amazing. I expelled about 400 gall and liver stones in the very first flush and I know my liver has gone through a deep cleansing because I started to feel alive for the first time after such long years of suffering with chronic tiredness and weakness.

Who should do liver flush?

Liver flush or liver cleanse is necessary for every person, especially for those who live in today's toxic world. None of us can escape the impact of toxins coming from our environment. A study estimate that an average person is exposed to around 700,000 chemicals every day.

These chemicals can come from food, water, air, internal metabolic waste, personal care products, poor life style (smoking & drinking too much alcohol), cell phone radiation, house cleaning products as well as from all kinds of negative thoughts in our minds.

These chemicals burden our liver so badly and makes our liver weak. Even though the liver's job is to detoxify the body, ultimately an overwhelming toxic arrival on daily basis could weaken the function of the liver and eventually causes liver disease.

How gallstones are formed ?

Gallstones can be formed in the gallbladder or in the liver (liver stones) for various reason. Unhealthy fats and oils such as margarine (hydrogenated fat), vegetable shortening (hydrogenated fat), deep fried food, GMO seed oil (canola, soybean & corn), excessive alcohol, medical drugs, lack of night sleeping, excessive stress, over consumption of animal fat and even excessive anger issue can all cause gallstones.

Many people enjoy eating fried food and baked items like fried chicken, cake, biscuits, and pastries. Unfortunately, these items are often cooked using a very bad oil & fat for the human body. I am not saying fat is bad in general, on the contrary fat is important for our survival.

Our brain is made of cholesterol, the membrane of billion cells in our body is made up of cholesterol, and our steroid hormones such as estrogen and androgen are made of cholesterol too. We need cholesterol to survive, but we should not replace this with bad fat & oil.

Hydrogenated fat such as margarine and vegetable shortening are quite bad for the human body. This is because they are not natural fats. Such products are produced by adding hydrogen atoms to the vegetable oil to form a semi solid product. Vegetable oils are mostly in liquid form except for coconut oil, which can naturally turn to semi solid state when the temperature drops. By adding hydrogen atoms into the vegetable oil, the chemical structure of the oil is changed and our human body is not able to digest such fat.

No proper good night sleep might surprise you as being one of the reasons for gallstones formation. It is true. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) our liver is mostly active around 1 am to 3 am. By not sleeping at night, you are preventing your liver from doing its job. During the night sleep the liver gets the most blood in order to do its work.

At night the liver uses extra blood, especially those that goes to the brain during the day, to perform the detox process. But if you stay awake, then your brain would be active and your liver may not get enough blood to perform the detox job. As a result the liver would start to accumulate the toxins instead of removing them.

Signs of weak and congested liver

  • Excessive fatigue or tiredness

  • Yellowing or browning of sclera (white eye area)

  • Gallstone attack (pain under the right rib or at the lower mid-chest)