Regrowing teeth enamel is absolutely possible

This is my real story

I have suffered with severe teeth erosion or teeth decay due to mineral deficiency & acidity caused by excessive stress, liver damage and kidney disease. Long story short, after having bad experiences with dentist, I decided to find a way to fix my teeth naturally. Teeth remineralization was something I couldn't believe so much at that time but yet I gave a try to experiment and find a formula to put back those minerals I have lost all these years. My experiment went successful and I was able to remineralize my teeth naturally with the help of botanical herbs. Those pictures above are my teeth before and after using my formula.

How remineralization works

Remineralizing our teeth is absolutely possible. I can say this because I have tried and it worked. It is surely possible to reintroduce the lost minerals to our teeth. Our teeth enamel is mostly composed of 96% of calcium. It is not just any calcium but calcium phosphate (CaP). Calcium is the main mineral found in human bone and teeth and it is highly bio-compatible inorganic bio-material.

Usually our body is able to remineralize our teeth through the SALIVA produced by our mouth and the nutritious food we eat & the liquid we drink. But sadly, our modern day diet is void of such mineral content, as we tend to eat more processed food that has been stripped off their mineral content. As a result, many diseases have crept into our society and one of them is the dental problem.

It's all about deficiency and toxicity

One of the main reason why people suffer with teeth issues such as cavities, enamel erosion and pothole is because of mineral DEFICIENCIENS and the TOXICITY in the body. Human saliva consist of inorganic and organic minerals. A healthy person's saliva is normally saturated with calcium and other minerals, which would constantly remineralize our teeth to prevent any mineral loss. But toxicity reduces the mineral content in our body. Toxicity creates acidity in the blood.

When this happens, our body, by all means, uses minerals to buffer this effect. Especially CALCIUM is taken from the storage to NEUTRALIZE the acidity. When this condition persist, our body will lose much calcium. As a result, there will also be a lack of calcium in the saliva produced by our mouth. Therefore, eating a wholesome food is very important to tackle the dental issue by its root.

My teeth decay causes

Several years ago I was living with chronic fatty liver disease and kidney disease. This has caused many health issues in my body and one of it was the oral problem. My teeth enamel has started to break and fall apart, creating visible potholes and multiple cavities started to form. This has created a very sensitive teeth.

I often found it hard to even smile big, especially at winter times, because the cold wind would strike the nerves of my teeth causing so much discomfort. I could no longer eat or drink anything hot and cold, as well could no longer bite any hard food. I also suffered from gingivitis, which slowly developed into periodontal disease. My gums started to recede and became shaky, loose and thin.

My herbal formula for teeth mineralization

After many attempt and trials, I was successful to create a formula that worked. I realized many people have teeth issues like myself and I decided to share my story and create my first product out of my own experience and breakthrough. So much though has gone into creating this product as I want it to be not only helping people to fix their teeth problem but also to be environmentally friendly, vegan, no animal torture and easy to use.

This paste is created with many botanical herbs like oak bark, horsetail, juniper berries & spruce bark. These herbal plants offers plant base minerals such as CALCIUM, PHOSPHORUS & natural FLOURINE to help build teeth enamel matrix.

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How long does it takes to remineralize the teeth with Tooth & Gum?

The key to teeth remineralization is CONSISTENCY and giving enough TIME for mineral absorption. Usually within few weeks you should be able to see the differences. It is highly recommended to keep this paste at lease for 5 minutes after brushing in your mouth. This will enable your teeth to absorb the minerals.

Avoid any acidic food or drinks!

It is highly recommended to avoid drinking any ACIDIC liquid like lime juice, lemon juice, hard liquor & carbonated soda which can leach the minerals in your teeth. If you eat any acidic food like Sauerkraut, strawberries or sour sauces, make sure to brush your teeth immediately after eating. Remember, acid will leach your teeth enamel.

By right now you must have this burning question in your heart. The answer is, it really depends from person to person. As for me, it took within a month to notice a visible change. I made a practice to keep this powder in the mouth after brushing for at least 5 minutes and sometimes up to 20 minutes. Just like the oil pulling method, keeping this powder in the mouth for at least 5 minutes is compulsory and if possible longer than that.

Botanyseed Tooth & Gum herbal toothpaste can be used as regular tooth paste to clean your teeth while remineralizing your teeth enamel.



Brush your teeth at least twice a day, morning once you wake up and before going to bed. If possible brush your teeth after each meal. This step is very important to follow especially if you have cavities, dented teeth, potholes and receded gum. This is because food particles can easily be collected in these holes and will cause bacteria to breed.

When this happen, the tooth and gum problem can worsen. So brushing your teeth with mineral rich toothpaste is a key step in order to achieve a good oral health.


Even though brushing teeth is essential in maintaining the oral health, but one should not brush harshly. Many people don't realize that they brush vigorously by applying much pressure. For those who have weak enamel and gum can experience swelling, bleeding and erosion if brushed too hard.

Therefore, always remember to brush very gently and possibly massage the gum with fingers using the tooth powder in circular motion. This will increase the blood flow to the gum.


Drink lots of mineral rich herbal teas such as Nettle, Dandelion, Horsetail, Alfalfa, Red Raspberry Leaf, Oats Straw & Moringa. This step helps to replenish the mineral deficiencies in your body. Our body must have enough minerals so it can produce mineral rich saliva. Healthy saliva is important for promoting natural re-Mineralisation of the teeth apart from using natural tooth powder like Tooth & Gum.


Change your diet and opt for more healthy food and drinks. Avoid any acidic drinks such as carbonated soda. Soda drinks are acidic and can leach the minerals from your teeth. Secondly and very importantly, avoid eating and drinking anything with processed white sugar. Highly processed white sugar is the No.1 enemy to steal minerals in our body.

This sugar cannot be metabolized by our body without adding back the minerals that are lost during the refinement process. As a result the nutrients stored in the body are taken, especially calcium in order to metabolize the white sugar. By this our body loses lots of calcium. This can impact a quality saliva production in the mouth.


Increase your Vitamin C intake. This is always an overlooked factor when it comes to teeth and gum health. We need vitamin C for so many physiological processes in our body. Stress is the biggest factor that can deplete your body of vitamin C.

This is because, when we are under stress, our body uses vitamin C to manufacture stress hormones and through this process we lose a lots of vitamin C. We all know, that almost all of us are constantly living in a stressful world and we cannot avoid it. Vitamin C is necessary to build a healthy gum tissues.

The cells in our body die constantly in order to create new cells. This is how our body works and if we don't have enough vitamin C, the renewal of the gum tissue cell can be hindered, especially the production of collagen. Collagen is very important for a healthy gum.


Stress is related to gum disease because stress can alter the immune system negatively. Stress can emotionally condition you to opt for comfort food and often such comfort food becomes the unhealthy version. Stress also can make people to neglect oral hygiene because often when people are under stress, they either lose the motivation in their life or becomes too tired to take care of themselves.


Do you know the junk food that you always snack on is impacting your teeth? The saliva our mouth produces is meant to remineralize our teeth naturally. An healthy persons saliva is normally saturated with calcium and that's how our body naturally remineralize our teeth. Snacking junk food will cause acidity in the mouth and prevent the remineralization process.


We all know smoking is bad, it is bad not only for your lungs but also for your teeth and gums. Smoking interferes with the gum tissue function as well the salivary gland in the mouth. Remember, a healthy saliva is crucial for oral health.