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Teeth Remineralization

Re-growing teeth enamel is absolutely possible

Sensitive teeth, yellow teeth, cavities, loose & bleeding gum all indicate mineral deficiencies. Perhaps you might have thought that remineralizing teeth is not actually a real thing. But im here to show you my own experience in REGROWING teeth enamel.

Re-mineralizing toothpaste from botanical herbs

I have suffered with severe teeth erosion due to mineral deficiency & acidity caused by chronic illness. Long story short, after having many bad experiences with dentists, I decided to find a way to fix my teeth naturally. Teeth remineralization was something I couldn't believe so much at that time, but yet I gave it a try to experiment and find a formula to put back those minerals I have lost all these years. My experiment went successful and I was able to remineralize my teeth naturally with the help of botanical herbs. The pictures above are my teeth before and after using the formula which is available in Tooth Repair.

50% of my teeth were damaged

In this video, you can see, how severely my teeth were damaged. This has caused an extreme sensitivities. On the left, all those dark yellowish parts are the dentin (inner layer). Basically the minerals on those areas have been leached out by acidic saliva. I wasn't be able to eat any cold, hot, sugary or salty food. It would strike like a lightening in my mouth. Tooth Repair helped me to remineralize those spots. Since I have included WHITE TURMERIC in this formula, this has helped to brighten my teeth too.

Matrix of mineral crystals

This pictures show how it looks in the process of remineralization. Small matrix of mineral crystals are being formed on broken enamel during the use of Tooth Repair. At this time, its highly recommended to avoid drinking acidic drinks as it can easily dissolve the newly formed mineral crystals. If you happen to eat or drink anything acidic, make sure to brush teeth again. Matured teeth enamel is usually stronger to withstand acid attack.

Close up on mineral crystals

Teeth Sensitivities, Cavities & Potholes

Enamel is the outer layer of our teeth. This is made of components like Calcium Phosphate ( Calcium + Phosphate). They are quite strong but a long term acidic saliva, acidic drinks & food can leach out minerals from our teeth. As a result, dentin which is the inner & sensitive part of our teeth will be exposed, this is what causes the unpleasant sensitivities. Once the protective enamel is destroyed, bad bacteria will start to invade our teeth & cause cavities, which is also known as tooth decay. In this picture, my upper teeth enamel was leached out till a hole can be seen. Regulars use of Tooth Repair has covered those potholes with mineral compounds.

Bleeding gum

Bleeding gum is caused by Vitamin C , Calcium & Magnesium deficiencies. A plaque can also cause gum disease that lead to bleeding gum. Plaque is the thin film that coat or stick all around our teeth. This plaque consist of the colony of bad bacteria. They cause discoloration on our teeth, making it to appear yellowish. Anti-bacterial substances in tooth paste can fight this issue. WHITE TURMERIC in Tooth Repair can help to eliminate bad bacteria in the mouth while the Bio Minerals ( plant base minerals) will help to fix the bleeding gum issues.

I don't want to drill most of my teeth to patch them

Drilling & patching the teeth wasn't what I was looking for. As I mentioned above, 50% of my total teeth were damaged. Drilling all of them would be catastrophic for me. I wanted to fix this problem naturally. The above shown teeth were the most difficult case I had to deal with. Here, my lower teeth were severely damaged, exposing the dentin. This was a quite painful experience to go through. The mineral growth on these teeth after using the Tooth Repair was a mind blowing experience to me.

Experience of another user

This picture was contributed by a user who had a yellowing teeth issues along with plaque. After using TOOTH REPAIR for about 2 months, he could see a visible result in teeth brightening and removal of plaque.

Meet the "Tooth Repair" developer

Hi there, my name is Anna & I am a Clinical Herbalist. I have developed Tooth Repair to fix those teeth issues you read above. Few years back, I suffered with many chronic diseases which ruined my health & that including my teeth & gum. It was through Herbal Medicine & Functional Food I was able to heal myself from those diseases. But I was left with devastated teeth. This is where I developed Tooth Repair formula. We do hear a lot about teeth remineralization but sometimes it makes us to wonder if this is a real thing. Through my experience, I am glad to share my real story here with proofs of pictures and a video.


Commercial toothpaste comes with many harmful chemicals. It is very Important to avoid synthetic fluoride in toothpaste because it can attack our thyroid gland. SLS is another common chemical found in commercial toothpaste to create a foam. SLS can enter the blood stream through our mouth & causes many health issues in the long run.

Tooth Repair is made from 100 % natural ingredients. Partially, herbs are collected from the wild forest in an sustainable way. Even the foaming effect in this toothpaste come from an herb. Tooth Repair will not only remineralize your teeth but also DETOX your mouth. As an additional boost, WHITE TURMERIC is added into this formula for brightening effect - no more staining your tooth brush with yellow stain from yellow turmeric.

How long does it takes to remineralize the teeth with Tooth Repair?

The key to teeth remineralization is CONSISTENCY and giving enough TIME for the mineral absorption. Usually within a few weeks you should be able to see the differences if you brush daily. It is highly recommended to keep this paste at lease for 5 minutes in your mouth after brushing . This will enable your teeth to absorb as much minerals as possible. If you brush every morning & evening, the remineralization process can be accelerated.

Brush immediately if you eat or drink acidic food

It is highly recommended to avoid drinking any ACIDIC liquid like lime juice, lemon juice, acidic hard liquor & carbonated soda which can leach the minerals from your teeth. If you eat any acidic food like Sauerkraut, strawberries or sour sauces, make sure to brush your teeth immediately after eating. Remember, acid will leach your teeth enamel.

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